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Fame Finders is a unique, effective coaching program

that transforms people into 

published authors and paid speakers.  

       Do you want to be a successful, published author? 

       Would you like to live the glamorous life of a professional speaker, earning a fabulous income?  

        Do you want to be recognized for your expertise in your subject area?  

Fame Finders offers the best, easiest Fast-Track learning system for new authors and speakers.  Our prices are reasonable, our system is proven and your results can be phenomenal!

To get a FREE consultation to determine if your goals

 and our system are a good fit, click here.

Publishers aren't interested in nonfiction authors who merely have a good idea - those are "small" books.  These days, "small" books get lost in the avalanche of content and rarely sell many copies.  Consider these facts:

  • More than 249,000 new books were published last year
  • About 20% made it into bookstores
  • The lucky ones that did had only 43 days on the shelf before they were pronounced "dead" and put on the deep discount rack - or mulched as paper waste!

Publishers DEMAND that new authors-to-be show up with a "platform" - a large group of loyal fans they reach often through a newsletter, radio, articles, Twitter, speaking, and so on. Especially speaking. A platform is the publisher's insurance policy - it guarantees that if they spend all the time and money to publish your book, they'll make a profit.

A platform CAN and MUST be created 


you offer your nonfiction book to publishers. 

Most people reading this don't have a platform or any idea how to get one. In the old days, publishers promoted books themselves and the Internet hadn't eaten some of the publishing industry's market share.  Back then, there was money galore for promotion.  Those days are LONG gone. As a nonfiction author, you MUST have a proven platform.  Problem is, almost no one will tell you HOW to get one, and pretty much NO ONE will show you how and actually help you do it.  Except us. 

Back then, there was money galore for promotion.  Nowadays, a nonfiction author MUST show up with proven platform.  Problem is, almost no one will tell you HOW to get one, and few still can actually help you do it.  Except us.

Our coaching program is a teaching course, like learning to be a doctor or a lawyer, except we only teach you what you really need to learn and we do it faster (and cheaper).  With us, you'll learn:

    1. What a platform is and what your specific platform needs to look like to impress a publisher (for instance, a book on business needs one thing, a book on dating needs another kind)
    2. How to grow your platform using your best personal skills (do you like to write? do you like to present speeches? do you like to use technology? what are your natural strengths?).
    3. How to create a book proposal that sells (a proposal is the document literary agents use to sell nonfiction books to publishers).  Our editorial team with work with you line by line to make it as close to perfect as you can get it.
    4. How to begin (or grow) a paid speaking career fast and properly (from writing the speech to marketing it to selling products from the back of the room)
    5. Clever, efficient ways to build a social media marketing platform that makes you popular before you even attempt to sell your book (publishers love that!)
    6. How to exponentiall grow your platform once you've launched it.
    7. How the big shots profit from the publishing and speaking industries - people like Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Suzanne Somers, Chelsea Handley, Malcolm Gladwell and others.  (Hint: they ALL use the same techniques we're about to teach you!)

We aren't interested in people with small dreams, common book ideas, memoirs of their difficult childhood, or books that everyone else has already written.  We ARE interested in positive-thinking, upward-focused, teachable people who are ready to take it to the next level.  If that's you, please reach out and make contact with us.  After +22 years in the business of speaking and publishing, we are the ONLY coaching program currently available that builds motivated new authors and speakers from the ground up - successfully, repeatedly and fast. 

Click here to get a FREE consultation to determine if your proposed content is a good match for this life-changing success system. 




 Discover our secret for YOUR success




"One secret of success in life is to be ready for opportunity when it comes."

-- Benjamin Disraeli.  Fame Finders is here.  We're your opportunity.  Are you ready?


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