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With Fame Finders, you get these benefits: 
A clear, focused, proven SYSTEM to create success as an author and paid public speaker. You’ll get our expert advice and access to proven strategies that worked for the famous authors-speakers you see on TV or on the New York Times best seller list. You’ll get committed allies, direct guidance, very hands-on coaching and access to an enormous network of "movers and shakers."  You will skip the time-wasting, energy draining mistakes made by most beginniners.  With our help, you’ll get get right on the freeway, not lost on the back roads.
Economic and emotional rewards. You'll achieve a lot (more) prestige, respect and influence when you, your books, speeches, products and services are all well known in the marketplace. Our focused commitment is to help you translate your ideas into as much money and fame as possible...and to influence positively the lives of the people who will be served by learning from what you have to say.
The benefits of working with us are simple, clear and undeniable:
  • You will get the knowledge, advice, expertise and assistance you need to streamline the fulfillment of your dream. We don’t waste time, therefore you won’t either.
  • You will grow as fast or slow as you want, and always remain in control of the process.
  • You’ll find yourself supported, encouraged, helped and guided at every step by people committed to your success.
  • You will race ahead of your competitors as they fumble on the starting block. That’s because we will be your team mates -- and together we can make more progress than any one person can do all alone.
  • We’ll fill in your “knowledge gaps” – we'll quickly determine whatever you aren’t doing already or whatever you need to know to get to the next level. 
  • We’ll give you reliable, clear directions every time – and help you implement things if you are too busy or get overloaded.
  • We know many formats for content delivery - books and speeches are just a piece of your future.  We can direct you toward digital, television, audio, radio, newspaper and magazine opportunities and more. 
  • You'll definitely get a published book, even if it is through a cooperative publisher (which is a last resort).
  • You will get media appearances and speaking engagements.
  • You won't have to do this all alone.

The benefits of your transformation into a successful "subject matter expert" include:

  • The meteoric growth of your business once you and your book are out there spreading the word.
  • You will have improved the lives of everyone who hears or reads your vital message, whether you're turning them into healthier people mentally or physically or helping them be more successul at work. 
  • Money: done right, being a "content provider" is an extremely lucrative career.
  • Prestige and wealth from product sales, speaking, consulting and/or training contracts.
  • Recognition by key people in your industry or in the public.
  • You will see yourself climbing to ever-greater levels of renown as you promote your books and speeches and expand your exposure to your audiences.
  • You will have learned the principles behind creating and selling information content – a skill set you can use over and over.
  • The joy of hearing a resounding standing ovation at the end of your brilliant, rousing speech.
  • The indescribable feeling of your first book in your hands, hot off the press.
  • Your national or even international recognition on radio and television and in magazines and newspapers.
  • People seeking you out for your advice at a local, national or international level.
  • Inbound opportunities you cannot even imagine now coming your way.


  • There's a whole new career adventure coming for you, one that brings you recognition, excitement, wealth and most importantly, a chance to make a real, heartfelt contribution to the betterment of this world.

    We can help you. Let's get started now. 




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