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All About the Total Career Management Success System
You’re a thought leader, executive, professional or entrepreneur with a busy life already. You’ve already made your mark in your industry. Now you don’t want to be bothered with the minutiae of becoming a renowned speaker/author. You aren’t interested in the endless details process of things like web programming or researching which magazines might want to print the articles you should write to build credibility on your topic. Perhaps you’ve got a book about to come out and you’ve got your hands more than full. The bottom line: you don’t have the time to micromanage all the little tasks required to craft your exciting new career direction from scratch. You just want someone you can trust, someone who knows what to do, when to do it. You want Fame Finders to guide and advise you, implement your decisions, support you and help you get the results you want now.
Consider these questions:
Do you visualize yourself at the top of the writer-speaker food chain?
Do you demand excellence from yourself and the people you work with – and usually get it?
Are you planning to achieve the highest levels of distinction as an author and a speaker?
You’ve come to the right place.
Our Total Career Management system (TCM) is meticulously designed to support you in achieving your goal quickly and directly. We will systematically and conscientiously create the “wind beneath your wings.” We do it all for you – so that you, your book and your speeches can soar.
After evaluating what you’ve already got in place, we will supplement what you need to do or have done to reach your goals, inclusive of any or all of the following, in one neat, focused package. Fame Finders offers you the comprehensive solution. Our goal is to get you the recognition and rewards you expect.
The Process
A lot of bad speech and book ideas exist. A lot of people with no talent whatsoever imagine themselves on Oprah or the New York Times best seller list. We can’t help them. The harsh truth is that before you can be enrolled in the Fame Finders TCM package, you and your idea will be put through an intake interview. Based on work with thousands of authors and speakers, we’re looking for a specific type of success attitude and the potential for content that has obvious market viability. When you win, we win. We’re about to dedicate at least as much hard work and focus as you do in helping you achieve your goal. We want the match to be optimal for all.  
Step One:        Interview
Step Two:        Decision (Acceptance or Rejection)
Step Three:      Enrollment (if accepted)
Step Four:       Goal Assessment and Development of a Business Plan
Step Five:        Sequential, comprehensive execution of the plan
Step Six:         You get THREE guaranteed results: a published book, media exposure and a good, deliverable, marketable speech.
For thorough program details, keep reading:
The Plan
Our first step together will be to evaluate where you want to go, what you like to do (Write? Speak? Train? Consult? Teach? Run your current company?) and devise a plan to leverage your media, speaking and book to maximize your desired result.
You may not be aware of how much is going on behind the scenes of the great speaker-authors. Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra – they each have enormous publicity, support and media teams working full time behind the scenes to continually promote, advance and support themselves. 
To give you the best possible chance to reach and maintain the highest level of distinction, we provide any or all of the following FIVE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES which are not currently optimal in your quest for success.
I. Your Book (if you don’t already have a book deal)
Content development assistance – thinking through and challenging your idea to refine it to its highest level.
Editing assistance and specific instructions if you wish to write your book proposal yourself (and have the skills and time to do so).
Retention and management of a proven, reliable ghostwriter who will create the best possible, highest quality book proposal to our exacting specifications. This will require up to 12 non-consecutive hours of you being available to be interviewed by the ghostwriter.
Writing a powerful, positive, descriptive query letter designed to attract publishers or agents. 
Referral to appropriate literary agencies (if applicable). We work closely with a leading agency (Keller Media, Inc.) and they may request the honor of representing your project prior to this step. The final decision regarding representation is always yours.
Providing and managing the ghostwriter to complete the book once it is placed.*
If your book proposal does not sell for any reason, or if you decline an offer received from a trade publisher, we will counsel you on the best alternatives available for your content.*
Referral to book publicity firms after release of your book (published or self-published)*
Practical strategy and advice on how to work most effectively with a publicity firm – and what to expect from them, your publisher and your book.
Development of a book marketing plan if you have already sold your book prior to enrollment. This includes the “big stuff” like radio, print and TV, but also lesser known and highly effective “tricks of the publishing trade” like the postcard secret and the way to get your Amazon.com ranking high right after release, etc.
II. Your Website
It is imperative that you have a powerful, visually impactful website that promotes YOU as a speaker and author. Not the company for which you work, not your general content, but YOU. This is often in addition to other web presence you may currently have, and speaker-author sites follow some very specific guidelines to be effective.
We will support you by providing:
Website strategy, including domain name selection
Domain name registration*
Graphic template samples for you to choose the look you prefer for your site
Navigational structure support
Web copywriting (or edit yours, if you prefer)
Website creation (HTML programming)
Flash interface/features*
Google Ad Words campaign to test marketing, copy, product sales and key words*
E-commerce/shopping cart functionality so people can buy products straight from your site*
Auto-responders (that is, when someone buys something, the computer automatically thanks them and offers shipping details; or when they try to leave without buying, it incentivizes them to reconsider, etc.)
Web and blog hosting*
Creation of a custom HTML for your online newsletter or e-zine
Creation of a custom HTML page for your blog
Newsletter hosting*
Website marketing to drive the public to your site  (domain articles, comments on listservs “by” and about you, creating links, meta-tagging, etc.) for six (6) months After six months, you will assume ongoing financial responsibility for this, which will range from $500-$1500 per month from most vendors.
Writing (or editing) of your e-zine or newsletter for six (6) months. You will need to write at least one lead article each month not to be less than 1,000 words in length. We will help you edit your article OR give you editorial suggestions if needed. After six months, this will range from $250-$750 per month depending on who you use to do it and the difficult level.  
Statistical analysis of web results, explained to you in plain English.
Automated collection of names of visitors
III. Your Products
If you don’t have a book deal with a major publisher yet, one of the most delectable things you can do is develop products related to your topic and sell them through your website. This “proves” to the publisher that your content sells to the public – and often for a higher price than the book.  
Your products will be real, bona fide valuable products. They are typically CDs, DVDs or e-books. We can help you develop any of these products once your content has been clearly developed and outlined. (See Step I.) We, we can support you in these ways:
Advise you on which products to develop/test and how
Help you write an audio product script (or write the whole thing for you*)
Arrange for you to show up in a reliable, quality recording studio at a time that works for you in a city that suits your schedule.
Travel arrangements to the studios we recommend in LA (Travel costs not included)
Create a graphics package to show off your content to its best advantage
Arrange for or provide ISBN/UPC codes to support and track sales*
Arrange for copies to be made with trusted CD or DVD reproduction facilities*
Creation of an e-book (which is ideally different than your intended published book) by providing an editor (if you write it) or a ghostwriter (if you don’t.)*
Graphic representation of an e-book on your website
Writing and testing two drafts of marketing copy for the e-book or audio product and loading them onto your website
Create and test a product pricing strategy online
Conversion of your audio product to an MP3 format for download to recordable devices
Use your newsletter, e-zine or blog to help promote your products
IV. Pre-Book Release Media
If you don’t have a deal yet, showing a publisher the list of media you’ve been on (radio, print and TV) in the 6-12 months prior to pitching the proposal is a clever way to get their attention and distinguish yourself from the thousands of other folks with equally “good ideas.” This is because media attention proves that YOUR idea can get the attention of someone besides your mother and your staff.
If you DO have a deal and thus a pending book, then the time is NOW to get the kinks out of your media plan. It’s tough to be stuck in a learning curve when you’re wasting precious book sale moments.
It’s wise to do a limited number of shows prior to the book’s sale or release. Not too many to spill the beans, just enough to get the word-of-mouth going, get some traffic to your website and sell some product. It also proves you’re really a subject matter expert.
We will help you in the three primary media categories of Radio, Print (long and short lead) and Television.
Explain how media works to move content and why – and how to leverage your air time
Teach you to maximize the true purpose of a media appearance
Help you get and refine your crucial “Top Ten Questions” and “Ten Best Sound bytes”
Basic media training (by phone) or if you prefer, referral to a professional media coach (third party services extra*)
Guarantee you FIVE radio shows – you WILL be on 5 radio shows guaranteed.
Long lead (mags) and short lead (newspapers and websites) are crucial places to test one’s message and its ability to work in the market and generate a response. We’ll show you how to get noticed:
Creation of four (4) long lead print articles “by” you, based on your topic. Our writers will create them, you will approve/edit them and we will shop them to online and print magazines and/or newspapers.
Pitch you to journalists at mid-level regional publications in the hope they will interview you. (We want you to save the big flashy national papers for when you can capitalize on those rare opportunities)
Match current events with your content and send “interview invites” to selected media people as a result
Preparation of a pitch and promotion to YOUR regional TV/cable stations (up to 10 appearances)
Provide image consulting if necessary or refer you to a professional image consultant (additional fee for third party consultant*)
Advise on the required promotional “speaker and author” photo shoot or help you set up a shoot in your city or with our people in Los Angeles. (Photographer’s costs not included*).
Referral to top publicity agencies that specialize in your topic area after book releases.
V. Speaker Development
If you want to become a paid speaker, a better-paid speaker, a trainer or a consultant, improving your platform skills and message, as well as creating a high class, sleek marketing presence is crucial.
You have three options in your development as a speaker:
1)      You can learn in the teleconference modules on speaking the generic principles of speech development and construction, audience emotional management, basic self-marketing and so on.
2)      You can fly to Los Angeles and meet with bureau agent/speaker trainer Wendy Keller for a full day of personalized, one-on-one training. Additional Cost: $5,000*
3)      You can attend the Beginning or Advanced Speaker* Training Events. (The pre-requisite for the Advanced Event is 20 or more paid engagements at $3,000 or more in the previous 12 months)
Whatever method(s) you choose, you will learn:
How to write and refine a good presentation quickly and comprehensively
How to create an effective PowerPoint/Use visual aids (if you wish)
Strategies for refining the speech
The best strategies to test the speech
Advice on what to charge and how to get it
FREE attendance at the Beginning Speakers Event (Value = $395) presented by Keller Media, Inc. (This program focuses on the basics of how to prepare a speech, get engagements, test materials, use of humor, audience participation, beginning speaker marketing)
How to sell your products/books before, during and after the engagement
Proven advice on how to convert a speech into a consulting engagement
50% off on attendance at the Advanced Speaker Event (Street price $3,499) presented by Keller Media, Inc. (This program focuses on advanced speaker marketing techniques and how to sell from the platform, audience handling, and fee raising, converting speeches into consulting and product sales, and so on)
Assistance with the creation of a high level speaker marketing HTML. This latest technology in speaker marketing is filmed in the vendor’s studio in Irvine, California (about 1 hour south of LAX) and can also include the integration of your best clips from previous engagements.  (Registrants in our Advanced Speaker Training get a 25% discount on this valuable $3,000 retail product*) Includes free round trip deluxe transportation from the Santa Monica/LAX area. (Closest airport is John Wayne).
Production assistance with a demo DVD/.WMV to show your best moments to meeting planners and speakers bureaus.
Speakers package creation (including graphics and writing). This includes creation of a marketing cover letter, one sheet for up to three speeches and testimonials preparation. (Printing and reproduction of the package is extra*) This is the tool (along with your website) that meeting planners use when choosing the right speaker for their event
Speaker promotion: We will help you create a speaker promotion package once your website and marketing demo HTML is done. We’ll help you select 500 meeting planners in one or more of these arenas: your industry, general business, general associations, education or healthcare markets and develop a pitch for them (electronic or by mail). For an additional charge, we will conduct this promotion campaign on your behalf.
Recommendations to the best voice coaches, speaker alliances, platform skills trainers, acting coaches, humor coaches, etc. (Their services cost extra).
Referral to a list of top speakers bureaus (once you reach the $5,000 or higher fee level).
Would you like our expert help?  
You know what we’re proposing is a lot of work. You also know that the right advice has helped you get to where you are now, along with the people who have helped and supported you on your journey. It’s taken us nearly two decades to choose and assemble the best, most talented team to help you hone and craft yourself into a well-paid speaker. It’s taken hundred more hours spent training speakers, attending endless speaker trainings, learning various teaching techniques and studying leading speakers to distill all this knowledge into a comprehensive system that will cut years off your learning curve.
More importantly, it has taken booking many speakers into all sorts of engagements to really get inside the minds of the meeting planners. What are they thinking? What do they want? How can you give it to them in the format they most desire?
Just the value and results you’ll get from the speaker training should easily pay for your entire TCM package. Add to that great book advance you can reasonably expect once your “empire” is launched and functioning, and you could be creating several hundred thousand dollars from this venture within 12-18 months.
Candidly, the true value of this package cannot be totaled. What price can you put on leaping over the competition, passing by the learning curve at super-sonic speed, and getting all your infrastructure together in such a neat, orderly and relatively effortless way?
The number of man hours you’d have to spend to gather this knowledge, these vendors, this collection of experience is in the thousands. At minimum wage alone, it would be a small fortune. The TCM package represents an investment we will make in you – to be your allies, guides, support staff, infrastructure, incubator, partners. Yet the cost to you is reasonable, affordable and far less than you’d pay if you tried to do it all by yourself. The Total Career Management package is only $25,000 – half of what you’d pay a decent assistant. We even offer an interest-free payment plan of five equal installments. We accept all major credit cards.
We will give you our assiduous attention, support, advice, mentorship, direction and knowledge for one year from signing and then as needed thereafter. Our connection to you is ongoing, and our commitment to you is sincere. (That’s why we start with a screening process). We will participate in your ongoing success, offering you leads, connections and opportunities as you grow and are ready for them. Our contract as your “career managers” includes a 5% commission on gross profits received from your books or speeches for a period of three years from the day we begin together, with the mutual option of renewal thereafter.
If you are ready to create a powerful, positive supportive alliance with people who are eager to help you achieve your goal, please click here to get the interview request form or call Toll Free 866-428-7909.  

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