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The Learn and Earn program is a systematic, proven coaching program that will help you and your classmates get from concept to profit. It focuses on what really matters: book sales, visibility in your industry, your presence in the media, cashing in on speaking revenues and product sales and helping the masses. 


You will be guided, supported, mentored and coached through this optimal program to take your idea and turn it into the most profitable, clear and marketable possible.


    • If you do not have a book yet, we’ll help you get published. Guaranteed. 
    • If you have a book about to be published, we’ll teach you how to create a system that cashes in on every income opportunity extant in the book – before, during and after release.
    • If you have a self-published book, we’ll help you boost your sales and get your revenues flowing - even if it’s been out a while.
    • If you are currently doing fewer than 10 speaking engagements per year for $3,000 or less each, we’ll show you how to grow yourself as a paid public speaker.
    • If you want to use the media (books, radio, TV, print) to build your existing business, practice or profession, we’ll help you devise a winning strategy to get the right people following you around with cameras or microphones.
    • Want to learn how to harness the exhilarating power of the Internet to spread your message, build and profit from your brand and grow your reptuation?  Done.
    • Want to do all this to build your existing business, crown your career or impress your friends?  We know how to integrate authorship, speaking and media into just the right package for you.  

    How It Works:

    Learn and Earn is based on our in-the-trenches frontline experience aiding more than a thousand other “content providers” build their dreams into reality for more than 20 years. We can and will help YOU. This program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before because it is the ONLY success system for author/speakers that combines both disciplines and adds even more to turn would-be authors into flourishing "infopreneurs." 


    We merge the best practices and solid business strategies from the publishing, speaking, media and internet marketing industries to match YOUR objectives.  Batten the hatches, because we’re good, smart, fast and every bit as driven as you are to see you succeed.
    In the Learn and Earn program, you get ALL this:
    • Expert guidance in creating a thorough, personalized WRITTEN PLAN to help you set up a comprehensive, workable system. We’ll help you set up your “information empire” exactly as you want it and show you where the money is.
    • We’ll focus you on properly using the right skills, tools, talents and opportunities to do what you love - writing, speaking, product development, whatever brings you joy.
    • Your personal plan works as a killer marketing plan if you have a book already out or soon to be released, or if you are hoping to lure a publisher into buying your nonfiction book proposal. If you don’t want to author a book, we can focus exclusively on professional speaking or online product sales as your primary revenue generation system.
    • Once you have your plan, we’ll teach you exactly how to put it into practice, clearly, logically, methodically and sequentially. You’ll learn step-by-baby-step what it takes to bring it all together and make it work. You’ll know what to do when.
    • You’ll work with your very own coaches who will guide you through the entire process as you transform from beginner to expert. (Some graduates say that alliance is the best part!)
    • You will be coached, consulted and supported through the following TWELVE SEGMENTS:
      1. Book publishing (any or all of these: proposal writing, book concept development, query letter writing, finding an agent)
      2. Radio (how to get on and what to say)
      3. Print (long lead - magazines)
      4. Print (short lead – newspapers from articles to columns)
      5. Television (how to get on and what to do once you’re there)
      6. Internet (setting up a powerful website)
      7. Internet marketing (getting people to look AND buy from you)
      8. Book publishing (how to market a book – before, during, after release)
      9. Speaking (speech development and testing)
      10. Speaker Marketing (electronic, print, DVD, speakers package, working with speakers bureaus, and the promotional techniques used by the highest paid speakers)
      11. Product Development, Marketing and Sales: written products
      12. Product Development, Marketing and Sales: audio, other formats
    • PLUS you get a real live editor/writer to teach you - whether on your magazine articles, your book proposal or website copy. You’ll learn how think like a writer from this interaction. 
    • PLUS you get access to the expert knowledge of our team of specialists – from content development specialists to literary agents, web copywriters to HTML programmers, publicity people to marketing professionals. We are your allies for the journey. 
    • PLUS you will learn a repeatable system. For instance, once you know HOW to get a magazine article ready for presentation to a magazine or HOW to write a great book proposal (or any of the other skills we’ll teach you), there’s no stopping you! You can do it over and over again for every single great book or speech idea you come up with for the rest of your life!
    Although your coach will encourage you to complete the entire program in the typical four months – you’ll be up and running at full speed that fast if you wish – you get an entire TWELVE MONTHS of access to all these great resources and people.  For a whole year, you will be able to benefit from cutting edge information from top marketing experts and the hottest new technologies for success.
    This is the fastest, most targeted “career building” system for authors, speakers and "infopreneurs."


    Warning: We don’t teach any “fluff” – just substance.


    We won’t tell you your material is good if it isn’t. We aren’t going to pat your head and lie about your “great idea” – if it’s lousy, we’ll help you change it, improve it or scrap it and start with something that will work. We believe the Learn and Earn program is the ONLY author-speaker coaching system derived from decades of success with hundreds of clients in the publishing and speaking industries and millions of dollars in product revenues for our clients.

    The Process:

    You will participate in regular phone calls and/or webinars with other students who have goals just like yours.  Some classes are taught by Wendy Keller, others by specialized experts. You are welcome to ask questions during the session.  If you happen to miss a session, you'll be able to catch up through the archives.  As you work the different stages, you'll be working with different team members.  You will be able to communicate with that person in the way that suits you both best - phone, email, etc.


There are only FOUR sessions scheduled in 2010.  They begin*:

Week of February 8

Week of March 8

Week of May 10

Week of September 13


    * The day of the week class starts is determined by class consensus.


      The Ideal Outcome: 
      An average speaker should get at least 20 engagements a year at about $3,000 each. That’s $60,000 right there! Add in a typical book advance for a first book from a new author – that is going to be about another $20,000. You’re looking at a base income potential within 6-12 months of completing this program of $80,000!  And that's not even adding in the second year, any products you might sell, or other opportunities this might bring your way!  Your investment in yourself and enrollment in the Learn and Earn program, and all the support, knowledge and benefits listed above is only $2,500 USD per month for 4 months. There's a 10% discount for advance payment in full.  We accept credit cards.  When you enroll in the Learn and Earn program, you get access to our support, guidance and direction for an entire 12 months.  There's no other program like this available, no other group of professionals with this much experience and commitment, and no other place to get your new career path up and going so fast.   
      This program can easily change the direction of your entire life!
      To enroll in the next Learn and Earn session, click here
      Does the Learn and Earn program sound like too much effort? Want a magic genie? Not a problem. We can do it all FOR you. Basically, you just show up for the fun parts. Click here to find out about the TCM (Total Career Management) program right now!

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