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 “I keep thinking the day I met you was the luckiest day of my life.”
- Col. Randall J. Larsen (ret.), author of "Our Own Worst Enemy" (Hachette/Warner Books), professional speaker and media personality
"For over two years, I struggled on my own to become published.  I was rejected about four hundred times by agents and publishers alike.  I read all the books, talked to others who had been successful, and tried to apply all of the lessons learned to no avail.  Then I met Wendy Keller.  [...] I suddenly understood all that I had tried to learn on my own.   Wendy unlocked the secrets and simplified the complexities of the publishing and speaking business.  [...] I applied all that she had taught me.  Within a few short months, I had a book deal and was on my way to a lucrative new career.  None of this would have been possible without Wendy's expert guidance!"

Janine Walker Caffrey, Ed.D.
Founder and Head of School
Renaissance Academy

Telephone call from C. Warren of Dallas, received February 9, 2007:
“Wendy, I’ve got a problem. I did exactly what you said when we talked last year. [In a one day private coaching session]. But I’ve reached an impasse of some kind. I need you to tell me what to do to overcome it.”
WK: “So have you done any engagements? Have you been getting paid?”
“Oh, yeah. That’s not the problem. Since we met, I’ve done 19 engagements at $7,500 each. I just can’t seem to get more. Remember, you said something about how to get up to $10,000 each. That’s what I need next…”
“Every time I call you, I just get this good feeling about myself. You’re the person in my life who believes in me the most – sometimes more than I believe in myself.” – George Silverman, world-renowned marketing guru, published author,   speaker
“It’s simple. I was skeptical when I signed up for your coaching program. Now I’m published. Pretty basic.” – John C., published author, speaker and consultant.
"We'd like to acknowledge [Wendy Keller] without whom we would have never completed this book." 
- Jacqueline Miller and Jack Canfield
Co-Author of the best selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul", "Heart At Work"
"You made this book a reality. You not only opened doors for me, you also kept my faith in the project alive." 
- Jim Cathcart
Author "The Acorn Principle"
former President National Speakers Association
"Thanks again for all your hard work in getting my book published.  Not only were you extremely enjoyable to work with, you consistently went the extra mile to find the right publisher, and then negotiate a contract that exceeded my expectations. In a world where a lot of people are "just going through the motions", you are a passionate and effective "breath of fresh air!"
-- Dr. Nate Booth
Author and Head Corporate Trainer, The Anthony Robbins Companies
"I have never learned so much in so few hours! I'm already making money from doing what you said. Thank you!" 
- Bruce Middleton,speaker
"Wendy, I've been tremendously impressed with how you're handling [my editor]. You have the perfect blend of high energy and smooth schmooze.  I admire the way you do business."
--- George Walther, author "Heat Up Your Cold Calls", renowned speaker
"Working with you [on our book] has been the best experience of my life… my life has taken a life enhancing spiral upwards… through your coaching, mentoring, and constant encouragement…" 
- Dr. Debra Hapenney Ciavola
Author "Connecting With Your Teen"
Workshop Leader/Speaker
"Wendy Keller, my agent, brought a practical guidance to the business side of the book, and without her help I would never have finished." 
- Dr. Rod Kennedy
Author, "The Encouraging Parent"
"Wendy Keller is the most incredible literary consultant and agent!… {she} always astonishes me with the storehouse of knowledge in her mind. Her advice is nothing short of amazing. 
- Linda Hollander
Author/Entrepreneur, "Bags To Riches"
"Wendy Keller is a magnificent human being, a superb professional, and a talented agent.  Clearly, I'd recommend that you pursue a discussion with her if it is of interest to you. She's a dear friend and I've known her for a long time.  I think very highly of her and her abilities."
--  Nido R. Qubein
Chancellor, High Point University, Author, CEO - Great Harvest Bread Company, professional speaker, philanthropist
"I would highly recommend Wendy Keller as an agent and as a book coach. She helped me hone my material for a broader audience and make my proposal so much more salable to publishers.  She helped me to create what I call my "mini-empire" of a web site and self-produced CDs.  I can say that she is the reason why I was able to attracte a publisher for my book within just one week of her shopping around my proposal.  She negotiated a higher advance than offered and did things I am not savvy enough to do alone.  If you come to the coaching sessions well prepared with a clear idea of your goals and as an equal partner in the process, I think that you would benefit highly from the process."
--- Vicky Thompson, author "The Jesus Path"
"You are a true partner in bringing this book to others…"
- John J. Emerick, Jr.
Author "Be The Person You Want To Be"
Award-Winning Entrepreneur
"(Special thanks to) my agent, Wendy Keller, who liked the book right away, recommended some improvements, and worked with enthusiasm to find a publisher. 
- C. Todd Conover
Author "The Art of Astute Investing",
Comptroller of the Currency, Reagan Administration
"As a struggling new author, I have to tell you your tape series was so inspirational to me! While I have read several books on how to publish a book, none touched the major issues as clearly as listening to you and the specific topics new authors must address…"
 - Donald Urbaniec, Author
"Huge thanks to my friend and literary agent extraordinaire Wendy, who suggested the idea and found me this project."
- Max Jacobson, Author
"The Art of Japanese Cooking"
Senior Food Critic, Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Life
"I am light years ahead of where I would be if I had not met you. Your care, concern, encouragement, friendship and guidance have been priceless."
 - Manzie Lawfer
Author "Why Customers Come Back"
Consultant, Speaker
"You have one of the brightest, most creative minds on the planet."
--- Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, speaker, Horatio Alger award winner
"Thanks to your superb talk to the Professional Speakers Association in London, I've just gotten my first publishing deal."
- Philip C. Calvert Finst,
Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant in Advanced Presentation Skills
"You adeptly agented me into and through this adventure."
- Raleigh Pinskey
Author of the +300K copy seller "101 Ways To Promote Yourself" (HarperCollins)
former publicist for Blondie, Sting and Who, renowned professional speaker, marketing consultant
"Your tenacity, unfailing belief in me, and friendship made this book a reality."
- Vicki Spina
Author "Success 2000" (John Wiley), professional speaker
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me come one step closer to my dream. You are a smart woman and a wonderful teacher.  It was a joy working with you on this book."
-- Becky Sanford, author
"You are truly the best agent I've ever met. Thanks for all your help along the way."
-- Bruce Vaughan, author (deceased)
"In my case, Wendy mostly has been working with me to get my manuscript and proposal ready to show to publishers.  Currently, she's showing it to editors. We've just begun to start on the publicity phase, but just last week she got me on WOR radio in New York, which has about 5 million listeners.  She also helped me get prepped for the show because I really didn't know what to expect.  My book was a stagnant project until I signed up for her book coaching services and I owe much of the progress I've made to her."
--- Christine Johnson, author, humanitarian
"It blew my mind to know how many editors you sent my book to.  You shot high and came up with $[withheld]. I'm delighted.  To have so many publishers response so quickly, and in some cases w/passion, also blows me away and makes me light-headed just thinking about it.  Your focus and strength are nothing short of awesome.  I also give you credit for staying open to my perspectives.  It all worked out pretty darn nice if you ask me."
-- Larry Chase, renowned internet pioneer, author, speaker
"It was so nice to talk with you today.  I want you to know that I'm very pleased with the persistent work that you've done on my behalf as a literary coach and in trying to get me a book deal in your country.  I am very fortunate that you are my agent."
---  Paul Atkinson, UK author, speaker
"Wendy Keller is one of the most interesting people I have ever interviewed…"
- G. Gordon Liddy,Celebrity Radio Personality
"Mommy, I'll kiss you until I am an old woman, because we love each other so much." 
-- Sophia, Wendy's daughter, at age 9
"I had to take a second to tell you my feelings of the moment.  I have been perusing your [online content].  There is an overwhelming spirit of hope and determination and just plain goodness in everything you write.  Your desire to help others permeates every word.  This spirit is powerful - almost tangible!  When I read the comment by your daughter in the testimonials, I could no longer control my emotions.  I actually started sobbing when I read her beautiful and profound sentence.  The thought of working with you, with someone of your caliber, is beyond exciting.  I am anxious to make you a million dollars!  Let's see...your 15% of a million dollars is..."
-- Rosemary Greenburg, author, speaker

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