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All About the Total Career Management Success System
You’re an executive, professional or entrepreneur with a busy life already. You’ve made your mark in your industry. Now you want to crown your many achievements with success as an author and speaker.  You know you didn't get to the top doing everything yourself.  You don’t want to be bothered with the details and you've earned the right not to be. You aren’t interested in learning endless lists of things like website copywriting, programming or researching which magazines might want to publish your articles. Chances are, you’ve got your hands more than full. The bottom line: you don’t have the time to micromanage all the little incremental tasks required for success.  You just want to hire someone you can trust, someone who knows what to do, when to do it and who you can count on to do it right. You want Fame Finders to guide and advise you, implement your decisions, support you and help you get the results you want now.
Consider these questions:
Do you visualize yourself at the top of the writer-speaker food chain?
Do you demand excellence from yourself and the people you work with – and usually get it?
Are you planning to achieve the highest levels of distinction as an author and a speaker?
You’ve come to the right place.
Our Total Career Management system (TCM) is meticulously designed to support people who are already winners.  We will help you achieve your next goal as quickly and directly as possible. Assuming we believe in you and the market value of your proposed content, we can systematically and conscientiously become "the wind beneath your wings.” We can do it all for you – so that you, your book and your speeches can soar even higher.
After evaluating what you’ve already got in place, we will methodically determine precisely what needs to be done to reach your goals. Then, we'll come up with a customized strategy based on the success of hundreds of other high achieving authors and speakers - and your personal style and goals - and help you implement it. We deliver a comprehensive solution. When you enter the Fame Finders Total Career Management program, your goal becomes our goal. 
Overview of Services:
A lot of bad speeches and poor book ideas exist. A lot of people with no talent whatsoever imagine themselves on Oprah or the New York Times best seller list. We can’t help them. The harsh truth is that before you can be enrolled in the Fame Finders TCM package, you and your idea will be put through a rigorous intake interview. Based on our work with thousands of authors and speakers, we’re looking for a specific type of success attitude and a content concept that has obvious market viability. We only work this hard for the Uber-Successful who know what they know and what they don't and are strong enough to deal straight, change when needed, and know that "half of success is showing up."  When you win, we win. We’re about to dedicate at least as much hard work and focus as you do in helping you achieve your goal. We want the match to be optimal for all.  
Step One:        Interview
Step Two:        Decision (Acceptance or Rejection)
Step Three:     Enrollment (if accepted)
Step Four:       Goal Assessment and Development of a Business Plan
Step Five:        Sequential, comprehensive execution of the plan
Step Six:         You get THREE guaranteed results: a published book, media exposure and a good, deliverable, marketable speech.
For thorough program details, keep reading:
The Plan
Our first step together will be to evaluate where you want to go, what you like to do (Write? Speak? Train? Consult? Teach? Run your current company?) and devise a written plan to leverage your media, speaking and book to maximize your desired result.
You may not be aware of how much is going on behind the scenes of the great speaker-authors. Malcolm Gladwell,  Seth Godin, Keith Farrazzi, Suze Orman, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Eckhardt Tolle, Oprah, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra – they each have enormous support teams working full time behind the scenes to continually promote them and advance their brand.  
To give YOU the best possible chance to reach and maintain the highest level of distinction, we offer the following FIVE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES: 
I. Your Book (if you don’t already have a book deal)
We will systematically help you get a book published, no matter where you are in the process.  We guide you from developing the best possible idea to getting a book or book proposal written and/or edited. We can help you get it sold to a publisher or lead you through the tricky world of self-publishing. It's call "content development assistance" – thinking through and challenging your idea to refine it to its highest level.
II. Your Website
It is imperative that you have a powerful, visually impactful website that promotes YOU as a speaker and author. Not the company for which you work, not your general content, but YOU. This is often in addition to other web presence you may currently have. Speaker-author sites must follow some very specific guidelines to be effective. We will help you choose the best web developer, work with that person to meet exacting standards, write the copy and help you generate web traffic and optimize your online presence using a variety of social media and SEO techniques.  
III. Your Products
If you don’t have a book deal with a major publisher yet, one of the most easy and profitable first steps is for you to develop products related to your topic and sell them through your website and when you speak. This makes money but also “proves” to the publisher that your content already sells to the public, thus increasing the marketability of your forthcoming book.   
Your products will be real, bona fide valuable products - CDs, DVDs, consulting, training, webinars, e-books, other. We will help you develop any of these products once your content has been clearly developed and outlined. 
IV. Pre-Book Release Media
If you don’t have a book deal yet, showing a publisher the list of media you’ve been on (radio, print and TV) in the 6-12 months prior to pitching the proposal is a great way to get their attention and distinguish yourself from the thousands of other folks with equally “good ideas.” This is because media attention proves that YOUR idea can get the attention of someone besides your mother and your staff.
If you DO have a deal and thus a pending book, then the time is NOW to get the kinks out of your media plan. It’s tough to be stuck in a learning curve when you’re wasting precious book sale moments. You may need media training, help writing sound bytes or a whole new media wardrobe.
It’s wise to do a limited number of shows prior to the book’s sale or release. Too many to spill the beans, but just enough will get the word-of-mouth going, drive some traffic to your website and sell some product. It also proves you’re really a subject matter expert.
We will help you in the three primary media categories of Radio, Print (long and short lead) and Television.
V. Speaker Development
If you want to become a paid speaker, a better-paid speaker, a trainer or a consultant, then improving your platform skills and message, as well as creating a high class, sleek marketing presence is crucial. Having a brilliant, honed speech is mandatory. And knowing how to market the heck out of yourself is what makes it all work together.  We can help you no matter where you are - beginner through advanced.
Would you like our expert help?  
You know what we’re proposing is a lot of work, probably because you've been trying to do it all yourself. You also know that having the right team around you has already helped you get to where you are now. We have more than 20 years experience transforming bright people into renowned people. We've collectively presented hundreds of speaker and author trainings, taught many content marketing and media training courses, studied leading speakers and authors, and distilled all this knowledge into a comprehensive system that will cut years off your learning curve.
Let's talk about money for a moment. Just the revenues we expect you to generate from the speaker training should easily pay for your entire TCM package. Add to that the great book advance you can reasonably expect once your “empire” is launched and functioning, product revenues off the site, etc., and you could be creating a hundred thousand dollars or more from this venture within 18-24 months.
Candidly, the true value of this package cannot be totaled. What price can you put on leaping over the competition, soaring up the learning curve at super-sonic speed, and getting all your infrastructure together in such a neat, orderly and relatively effortless way?
The number of man hours you’d have to spend to gather this knowledge, these vendors, this collection of experience is almost countless.  At minimum wage alone, the army of helpers you need would cost a small fortune, and frankly, you don't yet know who is the best in the industry and who is only marginal. 
The TCM package represents an investment we will make in you – to be your allies, guides, support staff, infrastructure, incubator, partners. We supervise the process, guide and direct it and you, and make sure what should get done gets done right, fast and on schedule. Yet the investment you will make is reasonable far less than you’d pay if you tried to do it all by yourself. The Total Career Management package - a whole year of help, support, guidance, advice and direction is $5,500 per month. (Six month minimum contract, month to month thereafter.) Year Two (optional) we'll work for just $3,000 a month plus 10% of sales - which we expect will be substantially more profitable to us than Year One.  When you factor in the profit potential of your idea, your talent and the empire we can build together, you see how this is an exceptional opportunity for you to get up to speed fast. 
We will pledge to you our assiduous attention, support, advice, mentorship, direction and knowledge. Our connection to you is ongoing, and our commitment to you is sincere. (That’s why we start with a rigorous screening process). We will participate in your ongoing success, offering you leads, connections and opportunities as you grow and are ready for them. We are extraordinarily selective about the TCM program, as you can imagine.  Because taking you on whille require the enthusiastic support of our entire team, and an extraordinary amount of work on our part, this option is open to only a very few people each year.  This work is extremely intense. We think of it as our own "talent incubator."  Please don't be offended if we gently suggest you consider instead the Learn and Earn program.  We are looking for the cream of the crop, the 2% oof people in the world who don't have mental or emotional barriers to mega-success, and who have enticing content and good credibility.
If you believe you are ready to create a powerful, positive supportive alliance with people who are eager to help you achieve your goal, please click here to get the interview request form or call 800-278-8706 x703.  

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